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Hmmmm??? Amazing Gatlinburg Race? I'm intrigued?

 Amazing Gatlinburg Race is an interactive, clue-based adventure game. Great for friends , family or couples.   It is far beyond a scavenger hunt....and filled with exciting challenges that will leave you breathless.  

Is it just a scavenger hunt?

No way! Most scavenger hunts are for scavengers...collecting objects left behind.  This is so much more.  There are items to collect, but you have to work together to figure them out.  Plus there are puzzles and challenges that are not meant for your average scavengers.  

How do I pick my team?

 A good mix of different strengths  is great, but not necessary.  We are here to have fun...and to make sure that you will!  The teams can be as many or few that you have, anywhere from  2 people to as many as 10. The clues will challenge you intellectually, but rely on common sense as well.   

How is the "winner" of the race determined?

The object of the Amazing Gatlinburg Race is to get to the finish line before anyone else.  But, just because you are not the first team at the end does not mean you did not win.  During the race, you can buy clues or short-cuts, but they will cost you....precious minutes.

I am not sure if I want this on my vacation. I am here to have fun.

We are here to help you have one of the most fun and exciting experiences people can have when visiting the Great Smoky Mountains.  Depending on your competitive spirit, you might find yourself actually running around town or along the beautiful river. While challenges vary in physical difficulty, most require creativity and resourcefulness -- not speed or fitness.    Plus you will see places in Gatlinburg the average tourist will never see.  

Okay, I am in. But I will be on my own.

Perfect!  Let us know your availability, and we will place you with a team.  We know you will have a blast with your team. Plus,  the relationship you develop with your team could end up adding lifelong friends.